The Management & Staff of AJ Oil & Gas Division commit to Manufacture, Test & Repair of Oilfield Equipment, Fabrication and Services at optimal cost and uplift the organizational image through social commitment by maintaining environmental friendly and safe working practices adhering to the legal and other requirements for customer delight by establishing Integrated management system and continually improve by innovation and training . This will be communicated to all interested parties.

In order to achieve this we shall :

  • Continually improve processes, services, systems, competencies and capabilities to meet current and emerging requirements and expectations of customers.
  • Ensure Safety, health and welfare of all those who work for and on behalf of the organization, including members of the organization, sub-contractors and visitors.
  • Take Proactive steps to prevent environmental pollution, injury and ill health arising out of work activities.
  • Identify and comply with all applicable statutory and other requirements.
  • Enhance competencies and the involvement of the workforce and encourage teamwork and positive problem solving process.
  • Enhance employee participation and involvement in health, safety, environment and quality of work.
  • Align with our associates, suppliers and service providers create an outstanding service delivery process
  • Communicate this policy to all interested parties and public and review its suitability periodically.
  • Set Objectives, Targets and Programs consistent with this Policy.